About Miki Agerberg

I am a Swedish science journalist and writer with a special interest in medicine, health and psychology. Born in Uppsala in 1949 and educated at Stockholm University and the School of Journalism, I have worked as a journalist since the early 1970s. My professional experience includes many years at Ny Teknik – the technical and scientific news magazine of Sweden – as special reporter, editor and foreign correspondent. Since 1993 I have worked as a freelance journalist and writer. I lived and worked in France for 15 years, but since 2004 I am based in Stockholm again. I have reported from most countries in Europe and some others, including the United States, Canada and the Kingdom of Tonga.

I write books and articles, in specialist journals as well as popular newspapers and magazines. I also give lectures, and work with TV documentaries and internet based professional education projects. My books include three widely read and acclaimed volumes on major public health problems of our time: Ut ur mörkret (Out of Darkness) on depression (published 1998), Kidnappad hjärna (Kidnapped Brain) on drug and alcohol addiction (from 2004), and Ormen i paradiset (Serpent in Paradise) on the global epidemic of obesity (2007).

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